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Passionate, Loving, Loyal, Engaging, Obedient, and Direct are words often used to describe Shaniqua Rischer. However, the words she loves to be known for the most are Christian and daughter of the Most High God.

Shaniqua Rischer was born and raised in Dallas, TX, and is the youngest of three children. Her father was an educator and she grew up in a family where education was emphasized as the foundation for success. At the age of 22, Shaniqua dedicated her life to Christ and has been on a quest for a closer relationship with God ever since that time.

Having struggled with low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness and inadequacies, abject fear, and not knowing how to serve, love, and follow a God she could not see or feel made her tap into her inquisitive nature.

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The Boy Who Would Be King


Called and anointed as king as an adolescent, King David is one of the most central figures of the Christian faith as an ancestor of Christ. Who was this man that God ordered after His own heart? And what lessons can we learn from him today? David was a man who experienced great and momentous highs in his walk with the Lord. He also experienced crippling lows as a fugitive, murderer, adulterer, and battler worn warrior.

David’s life is polarizing, to say the least, and contradictory to say the most. Yet, through it all, David remained faithful to the God he served. His life can teach us many lessons, even now. What if David could have spoken beyond the Bible? If he had a personal diary, what would he have written? What would have been his private and innermost thoughts? These questions led to writing this book.

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